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Travel to Hikkaduwa

Travel to Hikkaduwa
Travel to the beach town of Hikkaduwa with Casons-Rent-a-Car and its’ extensive fleet of vehicles which includes cars, vans, buses, SUVs and 4x4 cabs. The town of Hikkaduwa is approximately 140 km away from the commercial capital, Colombo, which should take you approximately 2 hours to reach when travelling via the Southern Expressway / E01. However, alternative routes  may be taken to avoid traffic, etc. but our experienced drivers / tour guides will take the best possible route to ensure your tour runs smoothly.
In Hikkaduwa, attractions that are most popular amongst visitors are: 
Snorkelling / Scuba diving 
Hikkaduwa is most famous for snorkelling due to its abundant marine life living on the reef. While snorkelling, you can swim amongst turtles and other sea creatures. 
Hikkaduwa is also known to be one of the most popular surfing spots in Sri Lanka. The waves are more suitable for those who already know how to surf as they can range from 4 ft to 11 ft in height. If you’re heading over to the island to surf, the best time to surf is between the months of November to March. 
Turtle hatchery
While travelling through Hikkaduwa, visitors will be able to see quite a number of turtle hatcheries along the beach side. The Turtle Research Center, in particular, aims to conserve and protect turtles that live around the coastal regions of Sri Lanka, as most of them are in danger of being caught in traps or sold for meat; especially turtle eggs. 
Tsunami photo museum
Following the devastating tsunami that wrecked the country in 2004, the Tsunami Photo Museum holds pictures and a few other remnants that were found after the disaster. The photographs stand as an eerie reminder of the day that claimed the lives of many on the island. 
Seenigama Vihara Temple
Located on an island, 2 km north of Hikkaduwa, is the Seenigama Vihara Temple, which can only be accessed by boat. This temple is believed to be the answer for those who seek retribution, especially when dealing with theft. One of the most interesting facts of this temple was that it did not get affected by the 2004 tsunami that destroyed most of Sri Lanka.

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