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Travel to Jaffna

Travel to Jaffna
Experience the rugged beauty of the north with our Jaffna tour. You can either choose to journey to the capital city of the Northern Province yourself or trust our skilled drivers / guides to take you safely through the best routes available.
There are two routes that are generally taken to Jaffna. The one via Anuradhapura covers 393 km and takes about seven hours. You can also take the route via Kandy which covers 403 km and lasts close to eight hours. Whichever route you choose to take, you will always be guaranteed a comfortable ride in our vehicles that range from cars, vans, SUVs, 4x4 cabs and buses.
Below are some of Jaffna’s finest sites:
Nagadipa Viharaya
This temple is a revered site for Buddhists as it was where Gautama Buddha visited Sri Lanka for the third time. The Nagadipa Viharaya is located on the island of Nagadipa close to the western coast of the Jaffna peninsula.
Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil
A majestic Hindu temple featuring a golden arch and intricately carved gopuram, the Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil is an iconic site in Jaffna. Thousands of devotees flock to the temple on its annual festival which lasts for 26 days and finishes on the day of the full moon in August.
Keerimalai Hot Water Springs
Take a refreshing bath at the Keerimalai Hot Water Springs that are said to have healing abilities. The springs contain water that flows through the fissures and crevices of carbonated rocks. Hindus of Jaffna gather here on the full moon of July to take part in a ritual of paying tribute to their ancestors.
Point Pedro and surroundings
Visit the most northernmost point of Sri Lanka. The Manalkadu Desert and the Vallipuram Kovil, which is the second largest Hindu Kovil in the country; are some of the attractions to see here.

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